Consultancy /  Software Development / Training

Consulting Services

Advanced steel & composite structure design and analysis
  • Structural analysis with start-of-the-art computational tools
  • Design of steel structures using either BS5950 or EC3
  • Design of composite beams, slabs and columns using EC4
  • Finite element modelling and analysis for connections and entire structural system
  • Design of strutting system for deep excavation
  • Design and analysis of storage tank or silo
  • Advanced buckling & post-buckling analysis
  • Value engineering to benefit our clients with structural optimization
Performance based structural design against hazards (Fire & Blast)
  • Performance based fire design to provide most economical structural system
  • Identify performance goals and acceptance criteria
  • Design of integrated fire fighting system for defined fire scenarios
  • Evacuation & rescue route planning
  • Safety barrier planning
  • Design of blast resistance structures and hazard mitigation components
  • Post blast fire scenario analysis
  • Progressive collapse analysis
  • Gas dispersion & explosion analysis for infrastructures in chemical and oil / gas industries
  • Dust explosion analysis and hazard mitigation for factories
  • Experienced in Eurocodes, BS codes, ASCE codes for petrochemical plants, GSA, DoD etc.

Software Development Services

We offer services to develop customized software for your organizations. From Objected oriented programming, VBA macro for office applications, to design of spreadsheets for authority submission. We are willing to assist your growing business from overall consulting to detail planning.



There are many outstanding training sessions given by renowned learners and lecturers. Based on our experience on design, research and teaching, we design training courses to meet the ever changing business environments. Before or after attending lectures organized by the authorities, our training course will pay additional attention to details.

ConSteel Software Licensing and Training

ConSteel provides a complete solution for the structural office mainly involved in design of steel structures. It covers all the phases of the design process: modeling; integrated analysis and standard design; detailed examination of cross-sections and structural joints; flexible documentation.

The analysis and design approach of ConSteel utilizes entirely the most up-to-date methodologies of the modern structural standards treating the 3D structural model as a whole during the complete process. The unique interface between ConSteel and Tekla Structures, ConSteel and StruCad, ConSteel and Bocad* enables the user to export the full designed model including the placed joints reducing significantly the detailing costs.

ConSteel has been developed by a professional team of structural scientists, engineers and programmers being in daily connection with end user engineers. Our philosophy is to provide a unique flexibility in the direction of development for the users considering fully the most recent needs in their everyday work. 

In the ConSteel design approach great emphasis is placed on the integrated modeling and calculation of the global structure and its connections therefore a powerful joint analysis engine is developed as a separate module: csJoint. A great range of different joint types can be created easily applying several special connection elements, the design tools covers practically the whole joint standard Eurocode 3 Part 1-8. A joint can be defined alone or based on the global model by the automatic joint identification tool. A prepared joint can be placed several parts of the global model to make the joint integral part of it. A placed joint is always automatically rechecked based on the current analysis results, and the connection stiffness is also updated modifying the global model consequently.

As an expert in Steel and Composite ourselves, ConSteel is by far the most user-friendly design tool available for EC3 and EC4 design. For consultants and accredited checkers, the software will provide unsurpassed accuracy and efficiency in your workflow.

For more information, please visit ConSteel Website.

Download ConSteel 15 Brochure here.